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About Steller's Jay

About Us

Who We Are

Dedicated to making memories

We are passionate vintners dedicated to the art of creating exquisite sparkling wine.

Each bottle represents our commitment to quality, embodying the harmony of tradition, innovation, and the splendid terroir from which our grapes spring forth.


"Steller’s Jay for me is one of the most exciting yet challenging wines to make. The harvest decision is essential, followed by creating the base wine and adding just the right amount of sugar and yeast."

Jason James, Winemaker

Vineyard & Method

Grapes for Steller's Jay are sourced from vineyard locations that have been selected for cooler climate ​and higher elevation for ideal sugar accumulation, ​pH and acid.

All of Steller's Jay sparkling wines are handcrafted ​using the French traditional Méthode Classique.

"Then I wait in suspense for 3+ years, the anticipation building as the wine sits. Only after three years will I know if the wine quality meets the standards of Steller’s Jay."

Jason James, Winemaker

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